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Imani Moore

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First and foremost, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to connect with such gracious alumni through GrayKea. I deeply appreciate the offer to fund my tuition during troubling and unprecedented times. Pursuing my education without financial burden has been a priority for myself. I thank you for providing me with the resource to achieve my educational endeavors. I often receive the question, who are you? And, what defines you? I have always struggled to answer these questions because I relate to many different facets. As a Black woman, I believe my identity has many layers. Although I am passionate and resilient, I am also gentle and tender hearted. I yearn to be a safe haven for others and this is most evident through my gift of singing. My identity would not be complete without music. Singing is not only an artform but my craft. It is the vessel through which I feel most alive. I believe this expression was God’s gift to me. It is my duty to inspire and delight people through the gift of song. However, I know my gift is unique because I have a particular story to tell. My identity as a musician is not mutually exclusive to my identity as a Black woman. They are intertwined. Through my craft, I can tell my story. I am more than my pain. I am made of love and joy which I ingrain in my songwriting. I want to inspire young Black children and remind them that they are defined by their ability to love. Through my music, I hope to reveal that Black people should be proud of themselves and not ashamed by the false ways we are perceived. I believe there is no better way to do this than through the expression of art. Something felt and unspoken. Alongside my sociology major, I am also studying the music industry so in the future I will be able to put my hopes into practice and create opportunities for other Black women and men to express themselves wholeheartedly. Escapism is my coping mechanism. Art is the vessel that allows me to simply live. It allows me to exist in a space unafraid. To exist in a space unapologetically Black. My ability to create, love, & embrace my true self will one day do the same for others. I hope to give Black people momentum to keep moving forward, despite the terror we are exposed to. We are not defined by our trauma but our passion and love. We are deserving of love as anyone else is and I want to be that reminder. The pursuit of my education here at USC will give me the proper tools to help become the change for the Black women and men of the future.

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Archbishop Mitty High School