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Noah Barnes

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Thank you GrayKea for the opportunity to receive funding for your school! I can’t express the gratitude and the hardship this would relieve for myself and my two beautiful children! Mainly because I was seriously considering not returning this Fall for lack of financial support as a single parent. Also, as a Veteran, I have had some financial support, however there is an issue with my package that is preventing me from receiving financial assistance towards school. I have tried to resolve this issue, but to no avail. I have been devastated with the thought that I would not be returning to school this Fall because of the lack of financial aid. This opportunity gives me hope that I can not only return to school this Fall, but also without the mental stress of wondering where and how financial aid would be provided. I believe this is the answer to my prayers! I am a transfer student into the School of Cinematic Arts, Class of 2022. As a Veteran, I changed careers to pursue my dream of Directing to help inspire others. A path less selfish than my original path of becoming a Civil Engineer. This is definitely the tougher route in my opinion. I took a huge pay cut in deciding to go back to school and start over and follow my dreams. I am also a Public Activist and Inspirational Speaker, as I was awarded the honor of speaking at my graduation at Harbor College as the “2018 Valedictorian”. Building off of that momentum, I went on to speak to several other high schools in my local area. Instead of waiting for an opportunity I began creating them with three short films: “Allure”, “Love Cause” & “Escape”. In addition, I have just started my production company, TYLB Productions which stands for “Take Your Life Back”. This will be my main planform to reach the masses with films and bodies of work, helping others to chase their dreams by taking back control of their lives. TYLB Productions will collaborate with other production companies, producing content that inspires others from within, effectively changing the world for a better place. In addition, I am in pre-production on a brand-new podcast series on Instagram called, Amplify Trojan Podcast (ATP). This platform will help elevate the voice of many “Trojans” in an effort to shed light on campus climate, situations and just an equal-opportunity voice in general for anyone wanting to come and speak their peace. I have many other ideas that I look forward to doing. With your financial support, I feel my dreams and aspirations are no longer that, but tangible accomplishments! Thank you again for the opportunity for financial assistance and I look forward to hearing back from you

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Henry Ford