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Ava Harris

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Interactive Media and Game Design



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I am a Spring 2020 admit. When I first came to USC a lot of people would ask me what I did my fall semester before coming to SC... did I go abroad? Did I take classes at a community college? Did I work? Well in my case, I was at a hospital every weekend getting treatment for breast cancer surgery.

Last summer (2019), I was at the beach with a few friends. I was in the water just floating around when suddenly I couldn't breathe, I was above water and I couldn't breathe and eventually, I blacked out. I woke up with strangers surrounding me and my friends with tears streaming down their faces. My mom came and took me to the pediatrician the following day, and I was sent to get an MRI. After I got the MRI done, I was sitting in a room with my mom when the doctor came in looking distraught (I thought she must have had a long day) and she proceeded to tell me I have breast cancer in stage 1B with a small tumor. I was terrified, to say the least, I’m supposed to attend college in a few weeks and I have cancer. So on October 25, 2019, I had my Lumpectomy surgery and it was successful. Since my surgery, I have to take 4 medications and visit my breast surgeon every two weeks. My surgeon has really been there and making sure I could attend SC in the spring with no problems.

January 9, 2020 arrives and I'm finally a USC student, visiting campus and living at my dorm. It was such an amazing experience to be at the campus I can call home for the next 4 years. COVID then comes and cuts my SC experience short and I’m sent back home in March. As my family starts to plan for the following semester, my gift aid has been cut back by a lot saying that “the cost of living at home is much cheaper than living on campus” which isn’t the case for me. With COVID around now, my family has to pay for my medication refills out of pocket due to an insurance increase. Being the first person in my family to ever attend a college, it's really unfair that SC has increased its tuition and are offering limited remote work study positions that can barely cover the new cost of attendance.

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