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Savannah Blanco

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I hope you enjoy these lines of poetry,
For here I present the story of how I came to be
And why I call to see if others will help someone like me:

No parents, no partner, no place to call her own,
she ventured off with me
into the great unknown.
For my dreams and potential, everything I could become,
my mom crossed continents
unaware of the outcome.
In the United States, we gave it our all
because in terms of opportunities,
Uruguay was too small.

As I grew up she would tell me without hesitation,
“When I die I leave you with just your education.
With your schooling, I know you will make it through,
As I have no money I can leave for you.”

Endlessly trudging in the heat and the rain,
she put food on my plate,
never once complained...
All to provide a better life,
seeing her tired
made me want to reach new heights.
But I learned too late there was a wall in the way,
one that was too high,
one I could not slay.

Thinking back it was indeed strange,
That a single paper could completely rearrange
How I lived my life for 16 years
Up to the point that it brought me to tears.
Though now I can say ‘I’m a resident’
It has brought upon me a new impediment...
As I’m not my stepfather's daughter
So providing for my education, he does not bother.

So I would skip meals and not pay for lunch
‘It will be worth it’ — I just had a hunch.
Every little dollar, every little cent
I saved it for my education with every intent
Of going to a university with an amazing education
And be the first to graduate in my generation.

So now I live in a house that is not mine
Sending money back home to pay the bills on time.
Working two jobs and considering another,
I just hope to take the load off my mother

And when I don’t work I do pass time
With two baby boys (I promise not mine!)
To help the household I am currently in
Playing and caring for one-year-old twins,
And while sometimes it takes the stress away
Reality hits at the end of the day...

This semester and even the next
I cannot afford it— hence I’m perplexed.
First-generation and low income at that
I just don’t have the option to take steps back
The weight of my family's dreams and those of my own
I refuse to drop them — so what to do? Take out loans.

To earn two degrees and be able to give back
Is all I wish despite this rough track
And as my debts and payments accrue
My dream ‘becoming a reality’ is closer to being true
So I’ll keep fighting and doing everything I can
Because giving up my dream was never part of the plan.

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