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Jada Brown

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The most consistent force in my life has always been my mother. No matter what happened, she maintained the same image and never faltered. This wasn’t a good thing, and it came at the expense of my mental, physical, and emotional well-being. My childhood memories are so blurred from the constant state of fear I was in, and the few that shine through are contaminated with violence, always coming from her. It was always so strange to hear my friends talk about hanging out with their moms, going to get their nails done, or just spending quality time with them. A lifetime of being hurt and neglected had its effects on my mental health, like a battle in my home and in my head. This led me to the world of fiction, worlds I would create in my head. From there, I started writing these stories down and sharing them online. The more I wrote, however, the less I felt connected to my work. From there, I started exploring art as a way to express my feelings, and that still didn’t feel right. Then I discovered films. For a long time, I didn’t realize that film was something that anyone could do, and once I did, I fell in love with it. I began writing scripts of the stories in my head and turning them into short films. I started researching how to become a filmmaker, and it led me to film school, and I wanted to go to the best one, which was USC. From there, I shaped my entire high school career to get into the school. In my junior year, I left my mother’s house and moved in with my dad, which made my home life immensely easier. However, once I was accepted into USC, another problem arose. From the time my sister and I were born, my late grandmother saved up money for us to go to college. She worked extra hours and made sacrifices so that we wouldn’t have to. When I tried to seek out that money, I found out that my mother spent all but $200. Thousands of dollars my grandmother worked for, gone. I knew she didn’t have the money to replace it, so there was nothing I could do. I felt like she had somehow gotten one last stab at me, but she hadn’t. Through a combination of loans and family help, I was able to afford my first year of college, but since then it has gotten a lot harder. I work my hardest, as to not give up my dream. I have 2 jobs, and apply for scholarships to try to make it work, and take every opportunity I can. With perseverance I know I can make it, and do all of the things my younger self always dreamed of.

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Riverwood International Charter High School

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