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Diana Handl Choi

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Business and Public Policy

UC Berkeley


Personal Statement

As an first generation, low-income, undocumented student of color, I have experienced a myraid systematic barriers that limited my educational resources and opportunties. Throughout my educational journey I have been plagued with constant anxiety over my citizenship status or financial instability, yet my determination to pursue a higher education has never wavered. I have always set my eyes on completing a college education, after all that was the primary reason for us immigrating to the United States. Despite how stressful or overwhelming my situation became, I still continued trying to study as hard as I could and finding ways to not only better myself but my family and community. Through these obstacles, I learned about dedication and adaptability. It shaped me to become the person I am today. Experiencing the impacts of inequality and inequity firsthand allowed me to witness how unjust the US is for marginalized communities. This willed me to make it my mission to bridge this gap impacting millions of students nationwide. Throughout high school, I juggled between working part time and taking many ap/community college classes, to create these changes. I created the first math tutoring program in my predominantly Latino, low-income high school which increased test scores significantly. I volunteered in a campaign for a woman of color to be elected board member for my high school district, allowing thousands of resources to be allocated to poorer schools like mine. Now that I am in college, I continued with this mission by creating a club for undocumented business students, mentoring black high school students with their college applications, and am leading semi-semester financial literacy workshops for low-income UC Berkely students. In addition, I am creating a transformative change to the recruitment process of consulting clubs on campus to increase the amount of minority students enrollment. THis is all why I am struggling to find a way to pay my tuition. While my immigrant laborer father who provides for 5, is working arduously in construction to pay rent, my tuition, and my mother's medication. My mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy, much of which is uninsured because she isn't a citizen. She is my top priority, I would rather drop out of college to make sure my mother receives the proper care she deserves. However, our shared dream is for me, her only daughter in college, to graduate. So, while I watch my father and mother struggle, I am fighting for social justice and maintaining a 4.0 gpa. None of which is an easy job, but I have many dreams that propel and motivate me to continue striving. Though, there is a huge obstacle that threatens all of this–my financial situation. Since I am undocumented, I am unable to work to contribute to my tution, food, hosuing costs or help my father pay medical/rent bills. This means, I rely solely on the help of scholarships to fund my education, but even that is limited. Thousands of scholarships exempt undocumented students from applyung, therefore I am only elidgbe for a couple that are not always guaranteed. With your help, I can eliminate all my fears of not being able to continue my education and continue empowering those around me. The pressure my family and I constantly feel, will be lifted with your help. I’ll be able to focus on my studies and empowering those around me without worrying about how I will pay for my next meal or rent. I thank you for your help and commitment to help students pursue a higher education, this is something I hope to do for others once I am a successful business owner.

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Latino College Preparatory Academy

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