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Diana Handl Choi

Business & Public Policy

My mother is undergoing chemotherapy. My immigrant father provides for 5 & works in construction. While I watch them struggle, I am fighting for social justice with a 4.0 gpa


Shanice Dixon

Political Science & Public Policy

I think I would be doing a disservice to myself and others if I did not use the resources I was granted to pay it forward and help those in need the same way I was.


Jackie Murphy

Social Worker

My parents were working as farmers on the paddy field, each earning $1 for every 8 hours of work. As a family of five, that meant we were living on $60 a month.


Even $75 can feed a student for an entire week. 

All donations are directly sent to the student's university account. You will receive information regarding how your donation has helped the student.

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