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Help Provide Education to Students in Need 

Your contribution helps combat homelessness, food insecurity and financial poverty.


GrayKea is a social enterprise that exists to assist and uplift low income college students.

Make a gift and join the growing network of various alumni donors.

Make a Difference at Your Alma

Mater Today!


The Student Problem




Housing and Food Insecure


Dropout due to financial reasons



Our Solution 

Assess the Need

Student needs are assessed through official documents and student interviews. The student's needs are ranked according to a fair and standard criteria.

Student Donor Connection

We provide student profiles to provide transparency so donors can see who they are donating to and choose the right match.

Donate Directly

GrayKea does not charge a transaction fee and sends your donations directly to the student's university account. 


Students Helped




Alumni Signed up



Contribution Process

Pick a student or support the general fund

Support students on a one-time or monthly basis

Receive updates and receipts on successful transfer of funds

"The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation."

Even $75 can feed a student for an entire week. 

How We Meet Student Needs

Chain of Giving

The chain of giving is based on the pay it forward model. All students sign a soft agreement promising to give back to students on the platform once financially able to do so.

Trustworthy & Transparent

We always provide information regarding which student your money will be supporting.​ The students on our platform are verified academically through institutional documents.

Secure Payments

All contributions are processed through Stripe & PayPal. We transfer the funds directly to the student's university account to be used for tuition, food, or housing.

Help students at your Alma Mater and make a difference in their life today!

Contact Us

To get in touch with us and be part of our mission leave your details, and we will get back to you very soon.

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